The Following are mp3 encodings of our mixes. You may request CDs from us for only the cost of shipping, or if you're local we'll give them to you in person for free.

MetaMeme Collaborative mixes:
Download Listen MetaMeme Our first collaborative CD - Released Jan 25th 2003. A mixture of all of our styles.
00:00-17:00 [chapter 1] Noah. Techno/Tech-house.
17:00-36:00 [chapter 2] Psylens. PsyTech/Psytrance
36:00-56:40 [chapter 3] Solomoon. Psytrance
56:40-77:10 [chapter 4] Jakob. Ambient
Download Listen FSOL mix  
Download Listen Falling into Ambient (& dub)  
Download Listen New Years Dub (January '05) Downtempo/Dub
Download Listen Strawberry Baton (December '04) Techno/Acid house
Download Listen Netaudio v1.1 (Summer '04) Bangin Netlabel Techno
Download Listen Now and Then (Mixed Nov 2004, Mastered Sep 2 2005) Psytrance favorites before getting robbed
Download Listen Chillum (Spring 2001) Downtempo/Chill-Out
Download Listen Dank (Summer 2001) Dub/Chill
Download Listen Shopping Spree (Summer 2001) Dark Tech-House and PsyTrance
Download Listen Shopping Spleen (Fall 2001) Deep, Progressive PsyTrance
Download Listen Sunrise (Spring 2000) Deep, Progressive Morning Trance
Download Listen GripTonight (Summer 2000) Psy/Breaks
Download Listen War (Fall 1999) PsyTrance
Download Listen BOT '02 (Winter 2002) Favorite PsyTrance releases of '02

Other featured mixes in the extended Meta-family...

Freedom: (Esoteric Gen/Fayetteville, AR)
Download Listen Energelic Weaver (Spring 2008) Dark, Driving, Intelligent Psytrance
Goaneck: (Esoteric Gen/Little Rock, AR)
Download Listen The Second Spectrality (Summer 2008) Driving, Intelligent, Forest Psytrance
Jake Jackson: (Esoteric Gen/Little Rock, AR)
Download Listen Motion Ignitor (Summer 2009) Chunky, proggy, minimal, electro-tech trance
elf Arrow: (Star Active Records/Crestone, CO)
Download Listen Ghost Dance (Winter Late-2009) Ethnic downtempo, breaks
Download Listen Those F*cking Savages (Winter Late-2009) Modern Goatrance